Cheadle Tourist Information

General Information

Cheadle is thought to be around 2,000 years old and was once a small village surrounded mainly by woodland. However, despite its humble beginnings, modern Cheadle is now a thriving, affluent suburb in South Manchester.

Cheadle’s striking fusion of old and new is perfectly demonstrated by St Mary’s Church, which lies at in the heart of the village. The existence of the church has been documented since local records began and it is rumoured that it may have been originally founded by St Chad. Whether this is true or not, the history of the church indicates that it dates from at least 1200 AD.

The town also has many more historic buildings. Old Moseley Hall is an early Stuart mansion, which is thought to date from 1666. It is still standing, although it is privately owned and situated at the end of a blocked-off road, which makes it quite difficult to find.

Abney Hall is also a beautiful building. Now used as offices, it was formally Cheadle’s Town Hall and is thought to date from 1847. It is surrounded by some lovely parkland, which has some of the only wetlands left in Stockport and is open for the public to explore.

Cheadle’s great location and excellent transport links have always been responsible for its growth. During the Industrial Revolution, Cheadle was often used as a stopping point for travellers and merchants on their way to Central Manchester. Now, its proximity to both Cheshire and South Manchester make it a popular place for commuters.

Cheadle has some great amenities for tourists and residents alike. It boasts wonderful shops, including a huge John Lewis. It also has some great pubs, bars and restaurants, making the ideal place for a quiet evening out.